Covid-19 News 4-20-20

Mandated Business Closures

Governor’s Executive Order has suspended all of the operations listed below state-wide. Areas with strike-through represent restrictions that have been eased due to the most recent Order. Business in the eased categories must comply with Minimum Basic Operation requirements contained in the new Order. (effective 4/24):

“…gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, theaters, live
performance venues, operators of amusement rides as defined by Code Section 25-15-51,
body art studios permitted pursuant to Code Section 1131-40-2, businesses registered pursuant to Code Sections 43-10-11 and 43-10-18, estheticians as defined by Code Section 43-10-1(8), hair designers as defined by Code Section 43-10-1(9), persons licensed to practice massage therapy pursuant to Code Section 43-24A-8, and businesses which possess a license to operate as or otherwise meet the definition of “bar” as defined by Code Section 3-1-2(2.1), shall cease in-person operations and shall close to the public while this Order is in effect.”

Open or Closed Businesses

(Below are changes only, for a full list of available business information, click HERE)

  • Miss Georgee’s Play-Kare: Closed (updated 4/16)


  • April 20:
    • Cases-to-Date: 128
    • Deaths-to-Date: 8
    • Governor passes Executive Order easing restrictions on certain businesses, appointing Augusta University Health System, Inc and its affiliated entities “Agents of the State”, bestowing Adjutant General of the Georgia National Guard authority to enforce uniform testing requirements under the direction of the State Health Officer. (PDF)
    • August Health launches virtual Covid-19 free screening apps (Website)
    • US Chamber of Commerce launches Save Small Business Fund which awards $5000 grants to eligible businesses with 3 or more employees (self-employed owners count towards that figure)(Website)

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