Covid-19 News 4-24-20


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Mandated Business Closures

The following are still suspended at this time state-wide (PDF):

“…That all live public swimming pools, performance venues, operators of amusement rides… and businesses which possess a license to operate as or otherwise meet the definition of “bar”… shall not engage in in-person operations and shall remain closed to the public while this Order is in effect.”

Open or Closed Businesses

(Below are changes only, for a full list of available business information, click HERE)

  • 3 Squares Diner: Open daily Open 7am-9pm DINE IN AVAILABLE (updated 4/23)
  • Alchemy Games & Coffee: Closed (updated 4/21)
  • Destiny Fitness Sylvester: Open normal hours, no 24 hour access (updated 4/24)
  • Dynamic Fitness: Open normal hours, no 24 hour access (updated 4/22)
  • Hairitage Salon: Closed (updated 4/21)
  • Isabella Station: Closed (updated 4/23)
  • Pa’s Pickins & Plants: Open Mon-Sat 9:00a-6:00p, Sun 1:00p-5:00p subject to  Sanitization Protocols (updated 4/20)
  • Specialty Sales Co: Open normal hours (updated 4/24)
  • Studio 103: Closed (updated 4/22)


  • April 24:Cases-to-Date: 141
    • Deaths-to-Date: 9

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